written by: veggieopolis

Veggieopolis is a blog written by vegetarians for vegetarians. Vegetarians who want to find and eat decent food …vegetarian food Рno meat, no dead animals, no cheesy-cheesy-cheese bake!

This blog is about finding good food for vegetarians and when I find a place that serves good food – that just happens to be vegetarian – then I will put it in the blog. If I find a place that passes off food as “vegetarian” that is of poor quality, nutritionally unbalanced, lacking in taste and texture or just jam packed with cheese then that will go in the blog as well.

I’m not being elitist. I am not saying vegetarians are special. I’m just saying they are the SAME.

Vegetarians want to eat good food just like everybody else – and the qualification for good food comes from a serving of food that combines a variety of proteins and carbohydrates; that is made with fresh ingredients; that offers a variety of tastes and textures and that delivers a good supply of needed vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

This qualification is so implicit in most non-vegetarian meals that it is taken for granted by most meat-eating people. But all too often when a chef, accustomed to producing excellent meat-based dishes, finds he has to concoct a vegetarian meal – a meal that HAS NO MEAT?!? – then they will usually go into apoplexy and make something with lots of vegetables in it with some cheese on top.

Vegetarians are not vegetarians because they like eating vegetables. Vegetarians are vegetarians because they don’t want to eat dead animals …and also, cheese is not the Holy Grail of food for vegetarians. Cheese is high-cholesterol fat …ok, it tastes nice and I love a pizza, but please, not cheese, cheese, cheese, all the time cheese.

So, this blog will be a post of the good and the bad of vegetarian foods. There are bound to be a lot of places missed out because I haven’t been to them, will never get to them, or went to them before I started the blog. I can think of two places in particular that I’ve been to, both of which are excellent places for a vegetarian: the first is The Circle Restaurant in the National Trust’s grounds in Avebury; and the second is The Blue Moon Cafe in Sheffield – a real vegetarian delight! If you can get to either of these (especially Blue Moon) then go to them and find out what it’s like to be able to eat anything you want …but can’t decide because it’s all too good!

…End of Rant.

I hope you like the blog and if you find the reviews useful or helpful, or if you are agrieved, angered or vexed by a bad review, or if you have found a place you want to recommend then feel free to fill in the contact form. Feedback is always appreciated.