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Cafe Irie, 38 Fore Street, Newquay, Cornwall TR7 1LP

Cafe Irie, Newquay

Not vegetarian but close. If you’ve just been surfing and want a chilled place to relax when you’re stoked then this is the place. Cafe Irie is on Fore Street, next door to Northshore, and sits in the middle of Newquay’s surf/stag divide.

Cafe Irie, Newquay

Cafe Irie, Newquay

The food is fresh and of good quality. The service in Cafe Irie is “laid back” but once they arrive the food and drinks are usualy well worth waiting for. The place is full of hippy/junk furniture with “art work” and student paintings on the walls and the vibe is more of a travellers place with everyone suntanned and relaxed, just back from traveling or just going traveling.

The last time I went there however it wasn’t as good as before. A quarter of an hour to get served …and I was the only one in there; half an hour for the food to be cooked; and when it arrived it was just a small chickpea patty, heavily fried, on two thick slices of dry bread with none of the usual accompanyments.

I’m putting that down to a one-off bad day though and I’ll still go back again as it is one of the few good places to eat in Newquay.


[MP. June 2009.]

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