Jyoti’s Vegetarian, 1045 Stratford Road, Hall Green, Birmingham B28 8AS

Jyoti's Vegetarian, Birmingham

Jyoti’s Vegetarian Indian Restaurant is the only vegetarian Indian restaurant in Birmingham – and it’s also the best! Half sweet shop, half Indian restaurant, eating at Jhotti’s was a delight. For Lunch I had the Thali which is a bit of everything, with a coconut sweet to finish.

The Thali selection was delivered in little steel dishes on a big steel tray and the two sample curries of Chana Masala (Chickpea Curry) and Bengan Aloo Curry (Potato and Aubergine Curry) were served with a dish of Lime Pickle, a crispy Popadom, two Roti – wholemeal chapatis, a large dish of white rice and a very watery – and very hot – Lentil Dhal. …Wow!

Jyoti's Vegetarian Thale

Jyoti's Vegetarian Thale

My initial reservations that the two curry portions were a little small in size were soon balanced out by my inability to wolf the whole meal down in one. Eating the two curries wrapped up in Roti, pouring the Dhal soup over the white rice to form a – very hot – white rice mix, adding the hot Lime Chutney to the broken off bits of crisp, salty, Popadom. Eventually I managed to eat it all …and could then try the pink and white Coconut Barfi. I don’t normally eat puddings but the small cube of sweet coconut paste was delightful and quite refreshing.

One of the funniest things at Jyoti’s is to look at the menu and see the one or two “starred” items – which usually indicate the limited choice of items that are “Suitable for Vegetarians” – and realise that here it means “Not suitable for Vegans” …so even Vegans have a massive selection and can eat well at Jyoti’s!

The Thali was a good introduction to the chefs Gujerati and Southern Indian style of food, but there was plenty more to choose from from the many and varied fresh menu items that Jyoti’s has to offer. You could eat all week at Jyoti’s without getting past the first page of their menu …so visit Jyoti’s for yourself (evening bookings advisable) and experience a true vegetarian delight.


[MP. August 2009.]

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