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Summersault, 27 High Street, Rugby CV21 3BW

Summersault, Rugby

Summersault is the only vegetarian restaurant for miles around so I suppose I had quite high expectations; but when I visited it for a midweek lunch I was a little disappointed.

Hidden away at the top of a dreary pedestrian street the restaurant is decked out like a Victorian farmhouse kitchen and the fixtures and fittings are all tea shop style.

The food is all mostly organic with the main meals being served up canteen style from the large trays that they have been baked in. I had half a portion of both the potato and cheese pie and the cheesy pasta bake together with three of the various accompanying side salads.

Both main dishes were edible and it was all very hearty stuff but I felt the plate was too large and too heavy for a lunch and the prices were too high for the experience.

It would have been nice to have been offered a main dish that didn’t rely on cheese for taste and substance. Instead the main dishes were just the same as those usually served up as the “vegetarian option” in most non-vegetarian restaurants.

If the mains had shown as much imagination, creativity and non-cheese-dependency as the splendid variety of salads then the eating experience would have been so much more enjoyable.

Summersault is a pleasant vegetarian cafe which I’d visit again but I’d probably stick to the salads next time.

[MP. March 2009.]

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  1. CovOx Says:

    It is a good few years since I visited Summersault. It has or had a good layout and ambience for a cafe targetted at a mainstream audience. It could have done with having more vegan options though, so I’d concur with the comments about ‘cheese dependency’. I wouldn’t say that the street it is in is ‘dreary’; the pedestrianised centre of Rugby is more pleasant the pedestrianised centre of Coventry! Does Summersault open in the evenings? There is nothing on its website detailng its opening hours.

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