The Axe and Compass, Five Ways, Wolvey, Leicestershire, LE10 3HG

The Axe and Compass is a pleasant family-run pub on the outskirts of Wolvey that specialises in providing good food for families. The pub is very popular with locals and people from further afield. The menu is extensive and offers an ample array of popular and sometimes exotic meals for its ‘market town’ audience. On the whole it provides hearty and enjoyable, reasonably priced, good value food.

There is not a very good choice for vegetarians however. The Avocado and Brie Bake in particular is to be avoided.

When I had the bake I found the avocado flesh very black in places and the cooked avocado was slimy, slippery and essentially void of taste. It was not helped by being paired with strips of other bland vegetables.

The whole thing was quite tasteless, watery and runny. It was hard to find anything in it that was pleasant to eat and it seemed to be another ‘vegetarian’ dish concocted by someone who doesn’t know anything about vegetarianism and assumes that a cobbled together collection of vegetables baked with cheese on top is quite adequate.

There were no questions asked when the dish was returned uneaten. Like The Butchers Arms at Prior’s Hardwick you get the impression that they don’t care about or don’t understand vegetarians.

(Click here for more about vegetarians)

[MP. November 2008.]

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