The Butcher’s Arms, Priors Hardwick, CV47 7SN

The Butcher's Arms

The Butchers Arms at Priors Hardwick is a family run restaurant dating from the 70′s which offers a fine dining experience for the more mature market. The menu offers a variety of interesting and traditional meals with some Portuguese specialities. Vegetarian options are limited however to a liking for cheese.

The vegetarian lasagne, “freshly made with brie broccoli and a creamy cheese sauce”, is to be particularly avoided as it is composed of just Brie and cheese sauce with none of the more traditional ingredients of a lasagne such as tomatoes, mushrooms and onions. In fact it was so overpoweringly cheesy that it was unfinishable.

Normally when faced with pub/restaurant vegetarian lasagne it is possible to make an attempt at eating it by avoiding the assorted, spurious, vegetables such as broccoli and courgettes that have been inserted into it to make it “vegetarian”. However, in this case the stray piece of broccoli was an actual welcome relief from all the cheese.

The Butchers Arms vegetarian lasagne was felt to be an uneatable aberration of a classic Italian meal. Vegetarians have the same dietary requirements as other people, i.e. proteins and carbohydrates, and serving up fat/cholesterol packed cheese is not the answer. Cheese is not the staple food of vegetarians. Vegetarians do not delight in being offered just cheese all the time.

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[MP. March 2008.]

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  1. Helen Says:

    Too true, Im going on holiday soon to Scotland, there is one restaurant near our hotel and the only veg option is…wait for it..macaroni and cheese (they havent even bothered with anything other than cheesy pasta) and chips (yes as if it wasnt unhealthy enough already, added chips) I think Id better eat nothing all day to save room for that or simply starve!

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