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The Hub, 4 Wharf Road, St Ives, Cornwall TR26 1LF

The Hub, St Ives

If you are in St Ives then you’ve got to go to the Hub, either for the food, for the bar, for their coffee or simply for the location. What could be better than sitting back and relaxing in this “style bar” looking out across the harbour and watching the world (and the walking tourist industry) go by.

The vegetarian breakfast in The Hub is a treat with their “Baked Eggs”. This is more or less a “balti omelette”, served sizzling in a metal balti dish with diced tomatoes mixed in and flavoured with mint, thin slices of chilli and fresh coriander.

The Hub, St Ives

The Hub, St Ives

The sparkling flavours, the sharp acidity of the fresh tomatoes and lemon juice, and the subtle heat of the chillies all act as a wake up call in this protein boost. The portion is not large, two eggs at most? but it’s just enough to get you going for the day.

Even more importantly perhaps – The Hub offers free WiFi on request! – so you can zip through your emails or speedily catch up with things online in the normally quiet electronic deadzone that is known as Cornwall, and all while enjoying their excellent food and coffee.


(photo courtesy of maetang on flickr)

[MP. June 2009.]

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