The White Horse, 4-6 Clarendon Avenue, Leamington Spa, CV32 5PZ

Cafe Irie, Newquay

The White Horse vegetarian Sunday Lunch Nut Roast doesn’t arrive on a plate it arrives in a dish and is swimming in gravy. The whole meal was quite enjoyable, the nut roast wedge was solid and flavourful and sat on top of a bed of cabbage, mashed potato, Yorkshire pudding, roast parsnip and roast potatoes.

The White Horse, Vegetarian Sunday Roast

The White Horse, Vegetarian Sunday Roast

I must say that it all reminded me of school dinners – but all the nice things of school dinners. The Nut Roast was (obviously) nutty and mushroomy and it ate well with the gravy which was thin, runny and salty. The mash potato was dry and fluffy-to-firm. The roast potatoes were firm inside although more ‘flash-roasted’ than roasted. The cabbage was tasty and textury and the large square of Yorkshire pudding, acting as the stable base of the meal, was just right to eat being both light and crispy, or doughy and chewy depending on its position in the depth of gravy.

The White Horse pub interior is very dark and very brown with an eclectic mix of furniture and fittings – for which read: a ramshackle mish-mash of 70′s/80′s style sofas, chairs and tables. The mix of people eating Sunday Lunch also varied from well-off students and mature families to friends and couples. All of which led to a quite relaxed and laid-back eating environment.

The portions are not excessive in size but after eating it all you know that you have had a decent meal and something happens on leaving the White Horse, something that doesn’t happen very often when you are a vegetarian …you experience the warm feeling of being well fed.


[MP. January 2009.]

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