Eating out as a vegetarian one is often faced with a poor selection of meals which are mostly cheese or dairy based. On a typical menu of over twenty items, with each dish being a particular treatment and presentation of one animal or another, there would be maybe two menu items that are advertised as […]

The Warehouse Cafe, 54-57 Allison Street, Birmingham B5 5TH The Warehouse Cafe Restaurant in the lower edge of Birmingham’s city centre is a small oasis for vegetarians and vegans. Situated very much in the alternative lifestyle category, The Warehouse Cafe continues to offer good vegetarian food from around the world.


The Magic Cafe, 110 Magdalen Road, Oxford OX4 1RQ Tucked away on the south side of Oxford, in a triangulate town and gown estate that is commonly referred to as “The Mystical Triangle”, The Magic Cafe is a throwback to the 60′s beards-and-sandals type of vegetarianism and would equal, and better, anything found in that […]

Jyoti’s Vegetarian, 1045 Stratford Road, Hall Green, Birmingham B28 8AS Jyoti’s Vegetarian Indian Restaurant is the only vegetarian Indian restaurant in Birmingham – and it’s also the best! Half sweet shop, half Indian restaurant, eating at Jhotti’s was a delight. For Lunch I had the Thali which is a bit of everything, with a coconut […]


The Wedge Cafe, 13 High Street, Coventry CV1 5RE The Wedge Bookshop and Cafe in Coventry closed a long time ago but while it was open it served good, wholesome, vegetarian food. When I worked in the city centre I used to have lunch there regularly and I miss the variety of food that was […]

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Terra Viva, Gabriel Street, Royal Square, St Ives, Cornwall TR26 2LU Terra Viva is a vegetarian and vegan restaurant in St Ives, Cornwall. Newly opened and just getting on its feet, with friendly and well intentioned staff, clean and pleasant new fixtures and fittings. I visited Terra Viva earlier this year but have not been […]

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Summersault, 27 High Street, Rugby CV21 3BW Summersault is the only vegetarian restaurant for miles around so I suppose I had quite high expectations; but when I visited it for a midweek lunch I was a little disappointed.

Brown’s, Earl Street, Coventry, CV1 5RU Browns is a modern, independent, family-run cafe-pub-bar set in their own impressive, purpose-built, building designed by architect Adrian Baynes. Browns is a good choice for vegetarians in Coventry and Warwickshire.